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Vigilant Investment Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that creates and manages customized investment solutions designed to meet investors need for higher return and increased safety.

"At VIA, we believe that investors should identify the risks they are comfortable taking, hedge out all unnecessary or ancillary risks and optimize returns to those risks that are acceptable to the investor."

VIA's experience in specialized investment products includes hedged equity, domestic and international structured debt, pro- tected currency and leveraged asset-backed investments.

Many investment-related risks are uncompensated risks or risks that do not pay investors well. Other risks are highly-compensated invest- ment risks but may be risks that are unacceptable to the investor. Investment risk is typically a function of investor experience, familiarity or skill.

VIA helps investors identify risks that they are comfortable taking, hedging out all ancillary risks, focusing the portfolio on a specific risk and return profile and optimizing the portfolio to achieve the highest return possible for the amount of risk taken. We believe that investors who do this will be able to reduce investment volatility, focus portfolio risk profiles and optimize investment returns.

How can we help you?

VIA offers institutional investors and large individual clients customized investment solutions to the most
challenging investment questions. Our investment professionals have structured product experience in
equities, fixed income, currencies and asset-backed securities. VIA solutions are used to reduce
investment risk, optimize investment return, identify unnecessary investment risks and hedge
unwanted risks.

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